math-kid-chalkboard_smallHow We Work

Stress from homework is extremely common in American families. It has become an accepted and expected part of daily life, and, all too often, a parent’s attempt to help will increase anxiety. Our clients have shared with us the struggle of trying to assist with homework or study, only to see their good intentions adding stress to the family dynamic. We understand how frustrated and helpless parents can feel, and we know that stress about school may not always be academic.

Leading Learners provides one-on-one coaches for students of all learning preferences, especially those ages 10-15. Our coaches are mobile and can meet student’s in their home, the library, a coffee shop, or our office and study room in south Fort Collins. Maria Gregori, the owner and director, is available to meet with parents and students for an interview, and she will recommend a great coach based on personality, learning preference, and subject focus.

How We Can Help

Everyone learns differently, success is possible, and asking for help is what smart people do. Academic coaching gives students time with an education professional in an individual environment. There are many ways to present material, and every student benefits from personalized methods. Our expert coaches can help any student, but, we also provide support beyond academics. When students are feeling bogged down, overloaded with homework, and anxious during tests, the stress can be extreme, and can spread throughout the whole family. Our coaches step in as one-on-one mentors and role models, providing students with support, encouragement, and practice material.

Let us be the coach so you can be the cheerleaders! As parents ourselves, the founders of Leading Learners know how precious it is to have time at home with your family. By bringing in a coach to help, parents can rest assured, looking forward to dinner with their kids, instead of arguing over homework or grades.

Beyond Homework

Not all students fail because they fall behind in class, or can not complete their homework. We know many young people who are confident in their understanding of the material, but are not motivated to meet expectations set by the schools. For these students, having a academic coach can remove the drudgery and frustration of unwanted expectations.

Leading Learners provides individualized coaching and tutoring services to help students sharpen their skills in most areas of study: covering all levels of Science and Mathematics, Reading, Writing, English, Spelling, Social Studies and Foreign Language Skills, including ESL. We also help with organization, study habits and test preparation, including the SAT, ACT, GED and TOEFL. We welcome students with special needs, learning disabilities and developmental disorders.



Math Math

Tutoring for Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2…

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English English

Tutoring for language Arts, reading, writing, essays, speeches…

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Foreign Language Foreign Language

Tutoring for Spanish, German and French, classical language translation…

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Science Science

Tutoring for General Science, Health, Biology, Chemistry and Physics…

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Other Subjects Other Subjects

Tutoring for general Studies including History, Social Studies and…

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Study Skills Study Skills

Tutoring for organization, daily homework completion and test preparation…

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Test Preperation Test Preperation

Tutoring for PSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and GED, Test-Taking Skills…

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Special Education Special Education

Certified teachers are on staff to offer tutoring for students with Special Needs…

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Learning Disabilities Learning Disabilities

Tutoring for students diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Dyslexia…

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