Academic Coaching v.s. Tutoring

One of the first things a parent might ask when hearing about our company is ‘what in the world is academic coaching?’ “Academic coaching is a working partnership that focuses on the ‘process of learning.'” (University of Michigan 2012*). When describing tutoring, many parents and students think of getting help for tests or homework. When young adults or children are struggling in school, tutoring is used to improve grades. Academic coaching is more than homework help because it focuses on each student’s actual process of learning. The student and coach treat this process of learning as a partnership by together taking into account the overall picture of the student, where his/her strengths lie and where there is room for improvement.
So often, students become discouraged by tests and homework assignments that they do not feel are teaching them anything relevant or useful. Academic coaching focuses on the student as a whole person, so that learning skills, time management, subject matter, styles of learning, and different strengths are incorporated into the coaching, whereas these factors may go unidentified at school. Another benefit to academic coaching is the extreme help this partnership can bring to children and young adults with various learning disabilities. Tutoring can only go so far in this respect while academic coaching can lead the student further, empowering them while discovering their learning style and uncovering their strengths and abilities. Through this process the student often feels relief that the material is not as difficult to understand as they first experienced. Academic coaching does not merely seek to improve grades but to reveal each student’s capability to succeed and view learning as a process for lifelong success and adventures. -Written by Sean Moran, Leading Learners

*Student Life, (University of Michigan 2012). “What is Academic Coaching?”


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