ACT or SAT? Decide with our free assessment!

Unsure of which standardized test your student should be taking?

Most colleges accept scores from both the ACT and SAT. This means that you can save time and money by choosing the test that best suits your student’s strengths.  To determine which test will give your student the best score, we’ve created a one-hour assessment with sample problems from both tests.

Download the Assessment (PDF)

How to take the assessment:

To get the most accurate results, have your student complete the test as if they were taking the real thing. Give them a quiet space to work, a #2 pencil, and an approved calculator (one without a computer algebra system). Have them turn off their phone or put it in another room to avoid distraction; during a real test, they won’t have access to their phones at all except during the snack break. Finally, although a real test would be timed, you don’t need to time the assessment. Once your student completes the test, you can drop it off at our office for scoring.  Our office is located at 1331 Oakridge Drive, Suite #30 in Fort Collins.

How the assessment is scored:

We count and total the number of correct answers from the ACT questions and SAT questions. Then, the test that scores highest for your student is the one we recommend they take. If your student scores well on both types of questions, we recommend they take full-length mock tests of both the ACT and SAT to more accurately determine which test is their strongest.  To help your student achieve their best on whichever test fits their strengths, we also offer comprehensive test prep coaching and bootcamps. Our coaches are enthusiastic, experienced, and passionate about helping your student succeed. If you have questions or concerns, give us a call at (970) 226-8704.


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