Super Study Spaces!


Here at Leading Learners, we like to think we’ve created an incredible study space that keeps our students motivated and focused. Read on to see how you, too, can create a super study space for your student at home!


1. Whiteboards galore!

For students who tend to be perfectionists about their work, whiteboards can be a godsend. They allow them to quickly fix mistakes, write as largely as they want, and easily color-code drawings. Our office has three whiteboard surfaces, but you by no means need to go that far for an at-home study space. A small whiteboard that your student can keep at their desk or near the kitchen table will do the trick!

2. Fidget toys

Our office is full of bendable, spinnable, squishable, and magnetic fidget toys. For many students, having an object to play with in their hands can help them think more clearly or relieve stress they may feel from schoolwork. While toys don’t work for all students, you may find it worthwhile to give your child or teen some objects to fidget with in their homework space. If they end up becoming a distraction, they’re easily removed.

3. Comfortable lighting

Our office has both bright white and soft yellow lighting. We’ve found that many students have a preference for one type of lighting over another, so we made it easy to switch between them. That way, our students can stay comfortable while they work. Find out which type of lighting your student prefers and incorporate it into their study space using a desk lamp or by changing overhead light bulbs. If you want to get creative, use lantern lights or old holiday lights!

4. Snacks

Growing kids get hungry, and hungry kids get distracted easily. This is why our office has a closet full of snacks for our students. Instead of having study time disrupted by trips to the pantry, place a variety of healthy snacks in their study space. If eating too much before dinner is a concern, have your student choose one or two snacks to take with them before they start studying.

5. Motivation all around!

For many students, school can sometimes feel like a waste of time. When our students feel unmotivated, we like to remind them of the bigger picture— that school is a stepping stone to their future success in whatever field they choose to work in. We’ve covered the walls of our office with a variety of posters and encouraging phrases that help make it feel like a productive workspace. There are a wide variety of motivational quotes and images available online that you can review with your student and print off to add to their study space. You can check out our Motivation Board on Pinterest for ideas!

6. Readily-accessible supplies

Digging around for school supplies can waste a huge amount of time that could be used for studying. Creating a dedicated location for all of those materials that is close to your student’s workspace can keep your student focused and working for longer! Although we currently have pencils and markers readily accessible on tables, we are planning on creating a “homework station” for each table that contains other materials, like sticky notes and erasers. If you need inspiration for homework stations or other study space ideas, you can find it on our Super Study Spaces Board on Pinterest!

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  1. Generally, Parents, not give proper attention to these things, But the environment has to be very good for study. Lighting and motivational quotes play a very big part. If you are surrounded by motivational quotes then half of your job is done.