The Ideal Teen Coworking Space

You read our previous blog about coworking, the growing trend in young entrepreneurial cities. But what about a coworking space for teens? We’ve been researching projects like this one and brainstorming some of our own ideas about a perfect coworking space in which teens could study or do personal work. These are the ideas we have so far. Feel free to comment with your own ideas!


 1. Modern Look
The ideal teen coworking space would be colorful and quirky, but also have lots of open space. Between a  locker, a car, homework, chores, siblings, and parents, the clutter of home and school can put unnecessary  stress on the brain when teens are trying to work. A clean, organized space would be attractive and enhance  productivity! Bright lighting, big tables, comfortable chairs, and couches would adorn the teen coworking  space. There would even be standing desks and treadmill desks for those who think well on their feet. And  don’t forget bookshelves with teen books and dictionaries, and complimentary WiFi.


2. Tutors and Helpers

A teen coworking space would not only be a place to work, but also to get help. Whether teens need someone to walk them through an algebra problem, proof-read an essay, go through ACT prep, or even just keep them on track with study habits, this coworking space would provide that! Tutors from a place like Leading Learners would be in residence a few days a week to help out.


3. Refreshments

We all know the best study break is a snack or a cold drink. Active teenagers who don’t get much sleep need their energy from healthy food! A vending machine with healthy food, a machine for coffee and tea, and cold water or natural soda would be key features of this coworking space.



4. Loud and Quiet Spaces

This space would have a room for group work where teens could talk with tutors, work on group projects with classmates, or study by themselves if they preferred a louder study environment. There would be large tables for collaboration and whiteboards for brainstorming or working problems. And, as this USC study finds, studying to soft music can help students retain information better, so music in this room would be a must! Alternatively, the space would also have a quiet room for reading or studying without other stimulants, while still in range of refreshments and tutors.


5. Other Teen Coworkers!

Of course, any coworking space is only successful if its tenants are invested in the community it provides. Teens at this coworking space would be positive, enthusiastic about learning, and willing to build bonds with other teens working there. The space would be home to people of all talents, those studying for academic subjects, completing online classes, pursuing personal passions like computer programming, graphic design, or blogging, or employed by companies themselves. The very basis of coworking is to provide a space to network and to share ideas with others, so teens would reap those benefits, too.


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  1. I love that this acknowledges varied student learning needs. Its ok if a teen needs noise to work, and its ok for them to work with peers!

  2. What an awesome idea. Teens do need better study spaces and a co-working area would benefit many hard working teens.