Homeschool Support

Homeschool tutors available! At home or in the library? You do not need to study alone! One-on-one academic coaching and tutoring are ideal for home school students. Scheduling regular sessions with a coach provides essential dialogue which makes learning new …
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Tutoring for Learning Disabilities

tutoring for learning disabilities

Our staff has many years of combined experience helping students who find a traditional classroom a challenge. Learning disabilities are extremely difficult for professional doctors to diagnose properly, and we do not casually speculate about any student’s possible learning disorder. …
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Test Preparation

ACT and SAT test preparation

If you have test anxiety or struggle with test preparation, you are not alone. While everyone struggles with a few butterflies in the stomach, some have serious, debilitating anxiety.  This can be a major hindrance to test performance and can …
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Study Skills

student learning study skills

Our study skills tutors can instruct students in the ways of careful study habits and organizational skills, tools that will serve them their whole lives. Our coaches teach students careful note taking, how to identify gaps in understanding and fill …
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Science Tutoring

science tutoring subjects

From observing the way the planets and stars move to Einstein’s theory of relativity, studying science requires students to consider their learning style, as they need to receive and memorize a lot of facts. When studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and …
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Foreign Language Tutoring

french, german, and spanish tutors

Learning a foreign language requires plenty of patience and practice with listening, memorizing, speaking, reading, and writing. Students are challenged to learn new verb conjugations and sentence structures while memorizing an extensive new vocabulary. Having a one-on-one coach is a …
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English Tutoring

meet our english tutors

Reading and writing should be fun, however, language arts does not come easily to everyone. For many students, reading is a frustrating challenge that prevents reading and writing from being the enjoyable experiences they could be. There are several reasons …
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Math Tutoring

get math help

Need a math tutor? Most of our clients call for math help. In our experience students either love math because they feel comfortable with the concepts and problem solving, or hate math because the concept is not clear and they …
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