5 Beneficial Skills Our Kids Should Know

As parents with busy children and busy lives of our own, we sometimes forget to focus on the important things that would be most beneficial to our children’s learning in school.  There is so much emphasis being placed on standardized testing of students due to the monetary link that schools gain from higher test scores that sometimes the overall value of education is forgotten.

Let’s face it, as parents one of our greatest hopes for our children is that they grow up to be happy and successful in their chosen field of interest that we hope will allow them to make a decent living.  It is interesting to note that parents with young children need to realize that today’s job market will be vastly different from the one their young children will be entering in just ten years from now.

Here are five useful skills we need to focus our children on which in turn will prepare them for jobs we haven’t even conceived of yet?

  1. Flexibility

This is an important skills because with our ever-changing technological advances there really is a need to adapt quickly to new problems and demands for any new situation that pops up.  Take a look at our smart phone technology and how far that has come along in just a short time.  Young children today will never know what it is like to not have a cell phone or computer.  They have the advantage of being exposed to technology at a very young age which will help them with forward thinking skills to solve problems before they are widely known.  Kids today could benefit from understanding programming and creating meaningful applications that solve problems for people.  By teaching children to always be on their toes and to flexibly adapt to the ever-changing challenges facing us today will help prepare them for the future.


  1. Problem Solving

If teachers can give students real world problems to think about, students will have the distinct advantage of being problem solving oriented from a young age.  By cultivating the problem solving skills in students, teacher will be requiring students to draw upon different area of knowledge and skills while relying less on memorization just to pass standardized tests.  Offering classes in disciplines like Math that require the student to develop their problem solving skills is critical to their learning process.  If your young student is struggling in Math, it is important for them to get help early so they can continue to develop this important skill as they continue their academic studies.


  1. Data Analysis and Decision Making

Students need to be able to analyze data that supports a sound solution rather than just based on what they think or how they feel.  This is a life-long skill that will benefit anyone no matter what their chosen career.  Being able to analyze the data will allow students to make better and more informed decisions about the solutions that are presented.  The ability to think through a problem and analyze the data for solutions is going to be key in determining if students go into management or research positions.  Either field requires this skill so it is important for students to learn it now while they are young.  The bottom line is knowing how to use data to make informed decisions in their life is going to be one key to success in whatever vocation your child pursues.


  1. Creativity

What makes creativity such an important skills is that it teaches your child to think outside the box.  It is important to develop the ability to look at a problem from a number of different perspectives and then analyze the information available to determine how best to solve the problem.  This skill can be nurtured by asking students open-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow for a discussion to evolve and an exchange of ideas to develop which may lead to a solution not thought of independently by one student.  By reflecting on the process and asking students to explain how they went about solving the problem can foster creativity as well as teach students to collaborate with each other.  These are both important skills because they facilitate teamwork which is important in a working environment.


  1. Intellectual Curiosity

When we think about how companies are organized today, it becomes clear that the days of staying in the same one job your entire career are long over.  Many workers find that they are in a position for two to three years before they move into a different role either at the same company or a different one.  We are beginning to see how fast jobs are shifting and organizations are adapting to modern times.  For instance, Amazon is turning traditional retail on its head.  Many retail workers are getting laid off but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a need, it’s just a different need with a different set of required skills.  This is becoming the nature of modern career paths. Those best suited to accept these changes are the ones who love to continually learn new things.  Students need to become lifelong learners and they need to be driven by an intellectual curiosity to try to figure things out.  This is an important skill that will keep them in high demand as market place challenges continue to take place.


For example, 25 years ago who would have thought that one could make a good living playing video games?  And look at how popular programming apps to solve today’s problems have become.  Exactly what the future holds is anyone’s guess; however, one thing is sure, developing these five skills will be key to your student’s future success.

So if your child is struggling in any academic subject including math, science or languages, we offer specialized tutoring in all these fields of study in order to give your student the tools they need to tackle the important lessons they will need to learn to be successful.  If you are in the Boulder or Greeley areas, please give us a call at 970-226-8704, we here at Leading Learners would love to enhance your child’s learning experience and foster their love of learning new things.

It would be nice if our children had meaning and direction in their life.  Looking at today’s problems through a prism can open up a bounty of new concepts for your students to ponder.


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