Launch Phase 2

Here at Leading Learners, we are huge supporters of Launch Phase 2, which provides college admissions and career launch coaching services. With college costs reaching astronomical levels, college coaching is well worth the investment. Launch Phase 2 works with students from grade eight up through college to map out their future.


Grades 8 – 10


Students in grades 8 – 10 can learn about

  • Self-discovery and goal setting
  • Academic success tips
  • Smart summer choices
  • Life skills
  • Major and career exploration
  • Smartfit college lists
  • College fair and visits
  • Mock interviews
  • Resumes, cover letters, and recommendations
  • Test prep plans
  • Information on scholarships
  • And more


Grades 11 – 12


Students in grades 11 – 12 are offered the same services as well as

  • Internship and job search strategies
  • Personal statement/college essays
  • Application review and assistance
  • College dos and don’ts
  • Gap year programs
  • And more


College Students and Grads


College students and grads, in addition to the services listed above, can receive help with

  • Majors and careers


Launch Phase 2 has so much to offer students who want to have a successful academic future. Thousands in scholarships and awards that will relieve the massive burden of students loans, admission into your top choice of college, increased GPA and test scores, and assistance with launching a career. If you’d like to find out more about Launch Phase 2, visit their website.


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