5 Ways A Math Tutor Can Help A Frustrated “C” Student Become a Confident “A” Student


Struggling in Math

One of the biggest problems students have if they are struggling in math is they either don’t understand the material or they lack the motivation to learn the material.   Often times when a student doesn’t understand the material that is being presented in the class they are reluctant to raise their hand because they are concerned about how their peers will view them.  Instead of seeking the help they need they continue to struggle with the subject which can cause them to be apprehensive about attending the class and turn the learning experience into a stressful situation.

Either way a math tutor can help

Math tends to be cumulative so once a student starts falling behind it becomes harder for them to catch up.  Many students who are suffering from a poor grade probably have a lot of confusion about the material so here are five ways a struggling student can benefit from a math tutor and turn their learning experience into a thriving experience.

  1. A math tutor will spend time during each session to go back and review old material to make sure the student fully understands it, which in turn will help the student grasp the new concepts being taught in the classroom.
  2. A math tutor will teach the student “ahead” of the class.  Since the math tutor knows the subject well, they can work with the teacher to anticipate the course work to help the student stay ahead of the game and be able to grasp concepts more easily when the new subject matter is introduced in the classroom.
  3. A math tutor can help a student conquer their fear by allowing them to express their concerns about whether or not they understand the material in a more private setting without worrying about what others think. They are free to demonstrate their understanding of the material and the math tutor can determine the proficiency the student by reviewing the material with practice questions before moving on to the next topic.
  4. A math tutor can help a student build self-confidence when it comes to the subject matter. When a student is familiar with the material because they’ve already been exposed to it with the tutor, this helps build self-confidence in the student and can turn a negative learning experience into a positive learning experience for the student.
  5. A math tutor can help turn the teacher into an ally. When the teacher sees that the student is really trying to learn and seeking out additional help, they typically respond positively to this development and continue to encourage the student to keep up the good work which has been shown to have a positive impact on the student and their learning experience.

Overall, the benefits of a math tutor can have a significant positive impact on the student.  Even better the student can learn from the comfort of their own home.  What once caused the student to be anxious about attending the class will be a thing of the past as they are able to keep up and learn the material at an accelerated pace when compared to their peers.  This boost in self-confidence will in turn allow the student to tackle the subject matter with much greater confidence and competency.


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