“We had the fortunate opportunity to meeting Paul and Maria Gregori when our grandson was struggling to complete high school. We cannot imagine how we could have gotten him through to graduation without Leading Learners. Paul took our grandson under his wing and stuck with him all the way. We are most grateful for their kind and tender hearts for kids. They truly are the best when it comes to tutoring and mentoring students.” Steve, Leading Learners Grandparent

“The tutoring is going very well. Blake is raising his math grade from a D to a solid C. He got a 26 on his first try on the ACT with one session from Corrie. We are extremely happy with your services!” Beth, Leading Learners Parent

“We were searching for a “homework coach” for our 7th grade son and came across Leading Learners so we thought we would give them a chance.  Leading Learners did a great job of listening to our needs and wants and we have been thrilled with Denisse, the resource that they recommended for us.  Denisse has been great for our son and she is always courteous with a high degree of professionalism and an enthusiastic personality.  She is able to not only help tutor various subjects such as History, Spanish, English and Math, but has done a great job helping him get organized and suggesting strategies for staying organized.  We found the process of working with Leading Learners to be very easy and stress free from the initial meeting to their easy payment system.” -Alan

“Seeing such improvement in my daughter’s academic progress is in the top 10 best feelings in the world.  Watching her struggle was heartbreaking.  Now, she tells me she “thinks in math” terms throughout the day and has jumped a grade level…in such a relatively short amount of time!  Thank you so much.  You and Katie (LL Coach) are making a real difference in people’s lives.” -Michele, Leading Learners Parent

“Thank you again. Bethany (LL Coach) was fantastic and Lauren is feeling so good about math. She actually knew the material better than she thought she did, she just needed a little extra help!” -Kristi, Leading Learners Parent

“I have been extremely pleased to see the ‘New Anna’ return from the sessions with Matt (LL Coach).  It is as if a weight has been lifted completely. She clearly gets along with and respects Matt he is very capable of working through the problems WITH her (Anna).  To see how to logically progress through the problems together and come to the correct answer is an incredibly powerful tool to show her HOW to do this on her own.  Her lack of confidence in believing she can do so has been half the battle. This seems like a great fit!  I’m extremely pleased!!  Anna is too.”    -Beth, Parent/Client of Leading Learners

“Thanks for the progress report! I see Fin’s math confidence is improving :).” -Michele, Parent/Client of Leading Learners

“ I can see that it (coaching) has really reduced my daughter’s stress level.  She is back socializing with friends on a regular basis.  For us, that’s great to see!”

“Leading Learners has provided friendly and knowledgeable academic coaches for my teenage son during the past year. Maria makes every effort to match a student with the most appropriate coach, and to be as flexible as possible when creating a schedule. The coaching worked out very well for my son, and saved me the burden of having to locate and vet tutors on my own.”

“Shannon got an “A” on her Spanish final thanks to MaryAnn’s help. Thanks!”