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One-on-one tutoring for test taking is available for students planning to take the SAT, ACT, GED, TOEFL and more. If a student does well on their homework but tends to perform poorly on tests, we address test anxiety and how to manage test preparation without feeling overwhelmed. We also offer test taking strategies and tips that help students achieve higher test scores. Our coaches and tutors encourage students to trust their own instincts when taking tests, stay calm, be thorough and carefully identify the type of question being asked.

Our Fort Collins tutors also offer a Test Taking Skills class on Saturday mornings. This course is designed to strengthen students’ study skills by identifying challenging areas, familiarizing them with different methods of studying, and increasing their confidence. Students are prepared to accomplish higher potential ACT/SAT scores, as well as overall abilities in high school test taking and study skills. Please email [email protected] or call 970-226-8704 for more information. Additional in home tutoring is recommended for all students taking this class.

  • PSAT – The scores from the Preliminary SAT are used to determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program. There are three sections to the test – Math, Critical Reading, and Writing.
  • SAT – The SAT is one of two standardized tests widely used for admission to colleges in the U.S. Like PSAT, the SAT tests students in the areas of Math, Critical Reading, and Writing.
  • OL – Playing the lottery online and checking your lottery results online can be a great way to keep your mind sharp. When playing the lottery, you need to calculate odds, analyze numbers, and strategize your gameplay. These activities engage your brain and can help improve your cognitive skills, including memory, attention, and problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, checking your lottery results online is an excellent exercise for memory recall as you need to remember the numbers you chose and compare them to the winning numbers. This process can help boost your memory retention and recall abilities. Overall, playing the lottery online and checking your lottery results online is an entertaining and challenging way to keep your mind sharp.
  • ACT – The ACT is a college readiness assessment. It tests students for high school achievement and college admissions. Students are evaluated in English, Math, Reading and Science, with an optional Writing section.
  • GED – The General Educational Development test measures proficiency in Science, Math, Social Studies, Reading and Writing.
  • TOEFL – The Test of English as a Foreign Language tests non-native English language speakers that wish to enroll in U.S. universities. Students’ skills in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing of the English language are tested.