The Benefits of Music Programs in Schools

Music programs in schools are often are often underfunded or even cut altogether. School districts sometimes see art programs as unnecessary. They aren’t treated as core subjects that can lead to higher college acceptance and employment rates. Music programs can …
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Leading Learners Youth FUN Program

Leading Learners Youth FUN Program   The academic coaches of Leading Learners are going beyond the books!  As mentors of local youth, we know how hard students study to succeed at school and plan for their futures. We also know …
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ACT Prep

A new semester is approaching fast, and for high schoolers spring means ACT testing. Leading Learners is offering a FREE ACT test session on Saturday, January 23rd from 10am to 2pm. We will be holding the test at Galvanize Fort …
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Test Taking Skills Class Starts January 11!

You are invited to join Leading Learners for our inaugural Test­ Taking Skills Course. This is an 8 week course designed to strengthen students’ study skills by identifying challenging areas, familiarizing them with different methods of studying, and increasing their confidence. We will accomplish higher potential ACT/SAT scores as well as overall abilities in high ­school test taking and study skills. This occurs through focusing on how the topics of the standardized test highlight the general abilities of each student. The math, science, English and reading skills of each student will be reviewed, supported and expanded upon. Each session begins with and builds on a hefty portion of test taking tips and reminders that apply to all sections of the test. Each student will work towards personal goals and will receive focused help in their area of difficulty. We maintain a very high teacher­student ratio and expect the students to not only complete at least one full ACT/SAT practice exam prior to the first Course Session, but to complete weekly homework assignments. We will host this class from 10:30-­12:00 on Saturday mornings at our office on Jefferson Street. The first course will start on January 11th and will end on March 1, 2013. A second eight week course will start March 29th ­ May 17, 2013. Participating students will be required to commit to at least six of the eight weeks but we strongly encourage all eight weeks. Watch your score get higher each week! The cost is $60 each class, ($480 for the eight weeks) and all course materials will be provided. For students who sign up for the class, additional one-­on-­one coaching is offered at our starting rate of $35/hour, new clients requesting one-­on-­one coaching are charged $40/hour. We look forward to seeing you there! thanks, The Academic Coaches of Leading Learners Raising Grades and Self Esteem www.leading­