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Failing tests, struggling to read as fast as peers, feeling discomfort when asking for help or drawing attention to challenges can all cause a deep sense of frustration and inadequacy in students.

Leading Learners provides individualized coaching and tutoring services to help students sharpen their skills in most areas of study: covering all levels of Science and Mathematics, Reading, Writing, English, Spelling, Social Studies and Foreign Language Skills, including ESL. We also help with organization, study habits and test preparation, including the SAT, ACT, GED and TOEFL. We welcome students with special needs, learning disabilities and developmental disorders.

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Our Coaches

Tutor - t(y)o͞odər: a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group.
Coach – kōCH: a private teacher that focuses on a particular subject, often with a goal of achieving top performance.

As you can see from the definitions above, a tutor teaches students, but a coach helps accelerate personal performance. While we do not discount the importance of private tutoring, we believe our team goes above and beyond to help students realize that academic success is possible. This is why we refer to our esteemed team of tutors as 'academic coaches.' Comprised of private tutors and A-level education professionals who have worked with students of all ages from all over the world, Leading Learners Coaches strive to encourage and motivate students to study carefully, complete all homework and prepare thoroughly for all tests. Leading Learners is committed to working collaboratively with teachers, sports coaches, and parents, because we all have the same goal: to help students be their best. We are here to help!

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Contact Us

1330 Oakridge Drive, Suite #30
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Please email or contact our director, Maria Gregori, with any questions about our services in Fort Collins, Windsor, Loveland, or Greeley.

director@leading-learners.com | 970-226-8704

Please email or contact Marissa Chaney with any questions about our services in Boulder, Lafayette, Brighton, Louiseville, or Longmont.

marissa@leading-learners.com | 720-538-6144

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